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Partners of English Sidesword Open

Tempus Fugitives is an Historical Fencing School lead by Jay Maxwell and Alexander Makarov. In “the heart of London” the school focus on

the study of the 16th century North Italian martial systems which were so popular in London during the Elizabethan period. Based out of Southwark, we practice mostly sword and companion weapons (such as the dagger, the smaller targa shield or larger rotella shield) and the grips, trips and grapples around such combinations. We also pay attention to the weapons carried by elite troops of the day, such as the partisan or halberd, and the methods employed in the all too common, short and brutal street fights with daggers, capes and all manner of paraphernalia.

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In other words they focus the martial study on sidesword fencing style, taking in account many different source materials.

English Sidesword Event
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Jay was the mind behind the organization of the English Sidesword Open (ESO) event, which started some years ago in Goldalming with the School of the Sword association, and now that he opened Tempus Fugitives, the event came with him.

Tempus Fugitives are also part of the organizational board of other two HEMA Event: Wessex League (I wrote a post some months ago about it), and Albion Cup, which I am going to write about in future.

The ESO is an HEMA Event with tournament and workshops. Disciplines for 2020 are the following:

  • Sidesword
  • Sidesword and rotella
  • Sidesword and dagger

In a world were most of the HEMA Events focus on Longswords and Rapiers, having a school which studies sidesword is a rarity. Thats why Jay and Alexander created “an alliance” with Sala d’Arme Achille Marozzo that is the most important italian school focused on Renaissance and sidesword fencing.

Campionato Italiano HEMA UISP
SAAM – UISP Italian Championship

Sala d’Arme Achille Marozzo runs a championship every year, with two qualifications tournament and a final tournament called “Assoluti”. The championship is multi discipline:

  • Sidesword
  • Sidesword and dagger
  • Sidesword and rotella
  • Sidesword and buckler
  • Two Handed Sword

This alliance has been declared with an agreement:

Presenting our event partners for the English Sidesword Open 2020.
Wessex League –
Albion Cup –
Italian Sidesword Open –
Italian Championship Finals –

By providing tickets as prizes, the organisers of these events not only support the English Sidesword Open, but directly sponsor top performers to participate at other events both at home and abroad. The UISP Italian Championships in particular have generously classified the English Sidesword Open as a qualification opportunity, allowing event winners to skip regional qualifications altogether!

Tempus Fugitives post
Italian Sidesword Open icon
ISO logo

The Italian Sidesword Open is an HEMA Event organized by Sala d’Arme Achille Marozzo – Milano (one salle of SAAM). Unlike the Italian Championship, which is the official tournament of SAAM and it is disputed using synthetics simulacrum, the Italian Sidesword Open is a local initiative, and it is disputed using steel simulacrum (gear powered by Razor). Disciplines of the event:

  • Sidesword
  • Sidesword and buckler
  • Sidesword and dagger

The “dream” behind this alliance is to create a sort of federation amongst those schools and associations who are interested in sidewsord studies.

I will participate to ESO 2020 because I really enjoyed the previous edition (2018 and 2019) and it will be the first HEMA Event I am going to review on Hema Advisor! Keep in touch to be updated!

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