2019 a year full of Hema Events

2019 has been a Year full of Hema Events, and it is going to end in few hours.
Hema Adivsor tried to register some of those events. I think I listed most of them, but I am aware that I missed many others.

I will try my best in 2020 to add as many Hema Events as possibile: I want to provide you a a calendar as more complete as possible in order to let you decide what Hema Event you want to join and when to plan your Hema Event if you are an organizer.

A map full of Hema Events

One of the strenght of Hema Advisor is to have a globa map the Hema Events all over the world. I have been collecting the data for 4 months and I want to give this gif as present for the end of the year.

What for 2020?

What I am going to do in 2020? Well.. .. If 2019 has been full of Hema Events, 2020 will be full of Hema Events reviews!
I created Hema Advisor with two objectives:

  • Create a Hema Calendar for everyone.
  • Review Hema Events

The first point has been achieved (somehow). The second point is about to start with the new year. Why reviews?
What I would like to give to Hemaist all over the world is a good reference for the Hema Events. I start reviewing events in first person. But I can’t join all the Events (sigh!), so it would be wonderfull if you want to help me writing some review.
I will be back on that with a proper post with more details about the initiative.
See you in 2020!

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