Now, where was I? Oh, yes… New Features!

As you may have noticed, I have been silent for some times, posted nothing new on the site, updated no event.
Beside some personal important events, which kept me busy, the real reason behind this little black out is that I have been working to upgrade the site a bit with some new features.

Now, where was I
Moroes always forgets what was doing.
“Now, where was I?”

Now, where was I?

Untill November, Hema Advisor was just a calendar with Hema Events and some posts to announce upcoming Hema Events.

The calendar itself worked quite good by itslef: it has a basic search which covers most of the needs and the map feature provides a good idea of where the events are occurring all over the world.

I added some posts focusing on main and Important Events (e.g. Wessex League, Swordifsh), and I have been able to intercept some new event because people wrote me using the contact form.

(yes, sorry: I used to be WOW addicted, thats why Moroes is there!)

Was that enough? Not really. The site was missing some key features.
Actually is missing a lot of functionalitiers, but some are more urgent.

Was it possible to search events by tags? Yes, using the tag cloud, but it was not easy.
Was it possible to search events by disciplines? Yes, again, using the tag cloud, but yet again it was not quick.
Was it possible to search events by nations? by Organizer? Yes and yes: using the tags, but that was not smart.
Was it possible to add an event? Yes, using the form, but you had to wait the admin to search all the information you provided. And if you wanted to update it by yourself, you couldn’t: you could, at least, message the admin and ask for an update.
Was it possible to comment a post or a event? No. Actually that was not yet possible.

Now you can do the same things, but a way better, a way smarter, a way quicker.

Oh, yes… New Features!

Hema Advisor now has finally leveled up introducing some new features.

Dive in for a quick overview.


Finally you can search Hema Events on the calendar, using filters to narrow your result

Filters added to the Event Search

The criteria available are:

  • Disciplines: longsword, sidesword, sword and buckler, rapier ecc.
  • Women / Men / Open: search competition for Women, Men or open
  • Event category: tournament and/or workshop
  • Tags: used to aggregate smilar Hema Events
  • Organizer: you may rember the organizer, but not the name of the Hema Event
  • Country: instead using the map, you can search for a particular nation
  • City: some countries are big and hosts lots of events, you can select the city

Adding an event and manage it

Now it is possible to create an event and manage it.
There are two new pages on the blog: Add Hema Event and Manage Hema Event

Two pages to add and manage events by your own has been added to the menu

Both links require a log in in order to interact with the calendar. You can use your Facebook, Google or Twitter identity.

Social login

Once logged in, you can add your Hema Event by adding the usual information you can find in every Hema Advisor Event.

Add Event From

I will post an “how to” guide about the use of the community part of the site, but I am sure the most of you will be able to figure it out by yourselves.


Now it is possibile to comment a every future post or event, for the the social login is enabled. You could also comment leaving email, name and website, but I strongly suggest you to use your social credential.

Comment by leaving a reply

So, what do you think?

Let me know what do you think about the new features and what I should improve on the site.

A voi!

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