Halloween means… Swordfish [Focus On]

It is that moment of the year.
Leafs are falling, the sky gets cloudy and the temperature is getting colder (or at least it tries, since the global warming is messing up everything).
People are dressing up in strange ways with strange cloths and hats and tools, usually black or dark.
Group of people gather together to set up rituals where strange magic words are spoken with fierce and honor! “Lichtenauer” “Marozzo” “Valpurgis” “Meyer” “Godhino”.

Yes, for those who love to fight and play with swords, Halloween means Swordfish! One of the biggest Hema Event in the world, maybe the main event in North Europa.

Started 14 years ago, Swordfish is a bit more than a Hema Event. It is a tournament (with some workshop either) which grows every year.

It is a turning point of every HEMA fencer career.

Usually (at least in the last few years) disciplines disputed are:

  • Longsword
  • Rapier and Dagger
  • Sabre
  • Sword and buckler
  • Ringen

Untill last year there were only one discipline “not open”, dedicated to the women: longsword. Starting from this edition, Sabre, Rapier&Dagger and Sword&Buckler tournaments have the women version alongside with the open version.

Since the numerous HEMA fencers willing to test themselves in this tournament, the registration day was a click race to secure a sport at the event, which is a unfair somehow.
The organization, the Goteborgs Historiska Faktskola (sorry if mistyped!), decided to preserve an early booking for those fencer who were in Top 100 on HEMA Ratings.

This decision helped to keep the Event consistent with the high quality of the past, since the most skilled HEMA Fencers had time to get their spot at the Event.

As far as I know Swordfish was the first Event introducing the streaming of Finals. This feature increased the popularities of the event and the awareness of it in HEMA Community. This fact influenced a lot of other events, and now the streaming of an HEMA Event is something becoming popular.

Swordfish XIV

Swordfish XIV

November 1 at 08:30 – November 3 at 15:00

Frejagatan 1
Mölndal, 43148 Sweden 
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