[Focus on] Wessex League

Wessex League
Wene þec þy betran, efn elne þis a þenden þu lifge.
“Train yourself for the better way, ever with courage as long as you live.”

Since there is no other event (as far as I know) than Wessex League this week, I want to get the opportunity to talk a little about this series of Hema Events in UK.

What is Wessex League?

On the site we can read:

The Wessex League is a series of tournaments aimed at all HEMA practitioners that want to experience competition for the first time or to step up their game. It has the format of international HEMA competition while remaining accessible and friendly. You can start competing or increase your experience.


The League itself, then, is a series of competitions (4 chapter, as they call them) on a time span of few months (from September to December), where fencers can measures themselves on different disciplines as indivdual and as a team.

I found terrific both the logo (made by the talented Enrica Eren Angioini: fb profile and Eren site ) and I like a lot the quotation of the logo coming from the sacred text “The Complete Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Poetry”, since I found it fitting and inspiring for HEMA community.


The 2019 edition has the following disciplines:

  • Women Longsword
  • Women Sabre
  • Open Longsword
  • Open Rapier & Dagger
  • Open Sabre
  • Open Sword & Buckler

Result and Ranking

Each Chapter of the league has its own leaderboard, with reasults. But the result of each Chapter count for the Overal Ranking in order to have the Winner of the League.

The nice thing, in my opinion, is that WL keeps records of the results for each “team” (aka School or assciations of each competitor), in order to have a Team Leaderboard too.


I did not have yet the opportunity to join the League (shame on me!), but as far as I understood by feedback and reactions, it is something worth to be part of. The aim of the event is to propose something challenging without forgetting to have entertainment and fun with all the participants.

Next Chapters

London Chapter Icon

Wessex League: London Chapter – 12/13 October 2019

October 12 at 08:30 – October 13 at 17:30

Oxford Chapter Icon

Wessex League: Oxford Chapter – 9/10 November 2019

November 9 at 08:30 – November 10 at 17:30

Cambridge Finals Icon

Wessex League Finals: Cambridge – 7/8 December 2019

December 7 at 08:30 – December 8 at 17:30

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