Week 40 – HEMA events from 30/9 to 6/10

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Edit: I’ve just added another event (Smallsword Symposium) to the calendar, you will find it listed below. So:

Week 40 will host only one Hema Event. This is not bad, sometimes even the most tough historical fencer needs some rest!

Almost true: there two events for this week.

Don’t worry, Wessex League will start next week and after that, many other events (including Italia Sidesword Open and later on Swordfish) are incoming.

In the meantime, do not miss Prague HEMA Event:

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SabreSlash Prague 2019
October 5 at 10:00 – October 6 at 17:00

náměstí Svobody
Prague, 160 00 Czech Republic


Smallsword Symposium

Smallsword Symposium- 10 Glorious Years
October 5 at 09:30 – October 6 at 16:45


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